Program Schedule

Sunday June 10th

4:30 - 5:00 pm

Registration & Refreshments
1st Floor Campus Center, UMass

5:00 - 5:15 pm

It's all about Simple Food and Healthy Eating
Obesity and diabetes are increasing at an alarming rate in America. Our students are demanding more than ever, that their food tastes good and is good for them too. Many schools are already offering healthier choices, including stealth health programs, but more can be done. We will revisit the Simple Food and Healthy Eating strategy and learn how campus dining operators can continue to take a leadership role in this health-conscious environment.

Presenters: Ken Toong (UMass) and Paul King (Foodservice Director)
11th Floor Campus Center, UMass

5:30 pm

General Session
Value 2015: Elements of a Winning Restaurant Formula
The consumer definition of Value is constantly evolving. While Price is certainly an important factor, today's foodservice customer also expects additional dining occasion elements be present. Some at the top of this list include preparation techniques such as simple cooking, Quality of Life influences that help support consumer-defined healthy eating, delivery mechanisms such as Food Trucks, and experiential touches that evoke feelings of community. Join Kevin Higar, Director of Research and Consulting at Technomic and author of the acclaimed restaurant industry book "Always Let The Chicken Lead," as he combines Best Practice principles from his book, on the road examples from concepts he's visited across the country, and relevant consumer statistics from Technomic to illustrate how each of these Value-Adds can successfully be incorporated by a variety of different foodservice organizations.

Presenter: Kevin Higar
11th Floor Campus Center, UMass

6:00 pm

Cooking Demonstration
The Evolution of Fusion
Food Network Chef Jet Tila will show two modern takes on what is hip, comfort and portable. Demonstration of two items: Five Spice Crispy Pork Belly Buns and the Fuku-dog (a modern Japanese Fusion food truck hot dog)

Presenter: Jet Tila
11th Floor Campus Center, UMass

6:30 pm

Cooking Demonstration
Beggar's Chicken
Reinterpreting a classic Mandarin dish with seasonal ingredients, healthier options without sacrificing the integrity & taste.

Presenter: Alex Ong
10th Floor Campus Center

7:00 pm

Iron Chef Reception Style

Campus Center Auditorium

9:00 pm

UMass Pub
Enjoy, relax, and network. A light reception with beverages will be provided.

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