Henry is excited to return to the Happy Valley to present at the 25th Annual Tastes of the World Chef Culinary Conference in support of the work of the innovative UMass Dining team, Ken Toong and food professionals from around the country.

Henry is building a new digital media company to promote world-class food service for educational communities. Henry’s success at his eponymous restaurant, HENRY’s, in New York City – one of the most competitive markets in the world – lasted for three decades. You can celebrate his success at HENRY’s every October 21st, Henry Rinehart Appreciation Day in New York City.

Henry has worked for over a decade with two of NYC’s most dynamic not-for-profits: Wellness in the Schools (founding Chef Partner) and Transportation Alternatives (Advisory Board). Henry is deeply committed to improving the quality of food service in educational settings, and to the social justice and public health imperative of good urban transportation design and policy.

Henry believes that restaurants are fundamental in the civic fabric of any community. They are where we learn to live and eat with one another and where each culture develops its identity through food and social custom. Restaurants are one of the places we learn to live together. Together, the strains of art, performance and hospitality were the foundation of his two-decade long fine dining success – HENRY’s. This understanding of the cultural role of restaurants grew out of Henry’s sociology studies at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Born in London, Henry grew up in Williamstown, Massachusetts the son of Williams College Art History professors. Friends of his parents owned a restaurant well ahead of its time, THE BRITISH MAID, which was a seasonal, local gastro pub. In the 1970’s! Henry immediately recognized a social and business hub and it felt like home.

Henry grew up in another famous Williamstown institution – the Williamstown Theater Festival. He was their juvenile lead playing packed summer stock houses with great stars: Frank Langella, Blythe Danner, Richard Chamberlain and Rosemary Harris. His background in theater taught him the “show must go on” drive of the player as well as the innate theatricality of restaurants.

Henry’s professional experience in restaurants began during his studies at UMass while working at FITZWILLY’s and the EASTSIDE GRILL. Henry attended the world-famous School of Performing Arts while living on New York City’s Upper West Side, not far from where he would go on to create HENRY’s. He worked at the NYC Eighties downtown icon QUATORZE, Patrick Clark’s METRO, Sam Hazen’s CASCABEL, Charlie Palmer’s ALVA, John Schenk’s CLEMENTINE and the hip-for-a-minute MOOMBA with Frank Falcinelli.

“America is learning the transformational power of food.”

”You are what you eat and drink. How you move, and what moves you, makes you.”

“Electric micro-mobility is as transformative to our transportation as the mobile phone is to our communication.”

~ Henry