Serving as Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of the Faculty Student Association (FSA), Stony Brook University’s Auxiliary Corporation, Van provides strategic vision and leadership with an emphasis on the continued development, refinement, and implementation of ‘best-in-class’ services. In addition to being a premier public research university and a flagship of the SUNY system, Stony Brook is nationally recognized as a top creator of social mobility and is deeply committed to creating socioeconomic opportunity.

Since he began working with FSA  at the end of 2018, he worked to secure multiple national awards as well as measurable increases in guest satisfaction and program offerings. He actively participates  in developing a rich and sustainable campus experience with the simple goal of “making your day better.” Having spent many years in the retail and restaurant industries, and a veteran of the famed UMass Amherst Dining Program, he has vast experience in highly regarded, forward-thinking service programs.