Chef Culinary Conference 2024

Sunday to Friday, June 2-7, 2024

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30th Annual Chef Culinary Conference

Hosted annually by UMass Dining, the Chef Culinary Conference delivers industry-expert talks, culinary demonstrations, live workshops, and exclusive brand sneak peeks. Join us June 2-7 as leaders discuss food through nutrition and sustainability while creating the future of culinary.

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Power of Food

We hope to see you at the 2024 Chef Culinary Conference being held at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, June 2-7!  This year we want to shape the campus dining segment through healthy food and lifestyle options using culturally driven, globally inspired recipes and practices.  There will be a focus on culinary strategy, authenticity, innovation, planetary and human health, diversity, leadership, communication and partnerships, all while serving our Gen Z customers.

Conference Highlights

Healthcare Culinary Conference

Join us for UMass Amherst’s inaugural 2-day workshop specifically designed for healthcare professionals. Join esteemed chefs in the kitchen and develop culinary skills that support dietary guidelines, reflect cultural preferences, and meet economic constraints. Includes lectures by renowned scientists, panel discussions, networking and more!

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