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Tastes of the world Chef Culinary Conference will allow you to spend 6 days networking with chefs, scientists, food manufacturers, food service operators, academics and other influencers to explore, to learn and to innovate both in presentations and a hands on working environment to tell the stories and to shape the future of food


26th Annual Chef Culinary Conference

Planetary Health
University of Massachusetts, Amherst June 7-12, 2020

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Planetary Health

Most of us are aware that What’s Good for You, Is Good for Our Planet and What’s Good For The Planet, Is Good For Business. Planetary Health is all about understanding the interdependencies of human and natural systems.

With the reality of climate change, you might ask ‘what can I do, as one person and as one organization, to make a meaningful difference in the world in which I live’.

One way could be to embrace the shift of global food preferences to a more diverse plate, one that is plant forward and balances nutritional value and flavor with environmental impact, accessibility and affordability.

There is growing evidence that the planet’s capacity to sustain the growing human population is declining. The degradation of our air, water, and land, combined with significant loss in biodiversity, have resulted in substantial health impacts. It is time for a new approach. Join to learn more at the 26th Annual Tastes of the World Chef Culinary Conference, which will be held from June 7th to 12th, 2020, at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Our theme will focus on Planetary Health related to what we do as operators, chefs, administrators, dietitians, marketers and manufacturers.

The food scene is ever evolving and our goal is to serve the best possible food to our customers – with attention to healthy nutrition, sustainability, food ethics and deliciousness, to meet the increasing diversity of our consumers’ preferences.

As always, this conference will offer timely solutions and inspiration to assist you in adapting to the changing landscape of campus dining whether you are a chef, operator, administrator, educator, dietitian, marketer or supplier. The conference is highly regarded as the premiere gathering for food service professionals to learn more about the latest relevant scientific findings in nutrition, flavor trends, marketing, culinary education, and technological know-how – all delivered in an engaging environment.

Ken ToongKen ToongKen Toong
Executive Director and Chair

"I’ve been fortunate to be apart of this conference for almost eight years. It only gets better each year. The caliber of Chefs and experts that Ken Toong assembles is unparalleled, the knowledge that attendees receive in the week at Umass can only be matched by traveling around the world. I’m looking forward to seeing new and familiar faces again this year."

− Jet Tila

"Taste of the World Chef Culinary Conference is a great conference. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn cuisine from chefs from all over the world. Ken and his culinary team do it right. This will be my seventh year and the conference continues to exceed expectations!"

− Greg Gefroh, University of North Dakota

"We look forward to the conference every year. From the culinary classes with world renown chefs, the culinary competition and the great hospitality of the UMass staff, I dare you to find a better conference that is reasonably priced"

− Craig Mombert, Davidson College

"The UMASS chef conference is the best conference that I have attended. I have been there the last 6 years and I have been lucky enough to have taken my daughter to the last few. She has gotten to meet chefs from all over the world and they have made a lasting impression on her and myself. I have learned more in the one week at his conference from the presenters and chefs from other schools. It is well worth the investment to send as many of your current chefs as you can. There are so many different hands on classes that you will want to have someone in each of them."

− Paul Nicolini, Penn State

"The Chefs’ Conference organized by UMass is the perfect venue for Chefs to get out of their comfort zones and really get back to the basics, great food! An outstanding event perfectly organized with great speaker and demonstrations. A must for all chefs."

− Oliver de Volpi I, McGill University