Detailed Program Schedule

Thursday, June 10

12:30 pm How can we increase the AAA’s (Acceptability, Accessibility and Affordability) of healthy foods missing from the diet

Eric Decker, Professor in the Department of Food Science at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst

1:00 pm Gen Z Marketing for Post-Covid Momentum

The pandemic has affected our Gen Z student population in a very unique way with immediate implications to marketing strategies and tactics.
Fleur Veldhoven will share insights, strategies and some examples of consumer marketing communication during this very disruptive time for our Gen Z diners. Riding the Momentum of Change by capturing Gen Z hearts, minds… and cravings.

Fleur Veldhoven, Vice President of Food Marketing at Nestlé Professional

1:15 pm Campus Directors’ Panel from Around the Nation and Canada

Twelve esteemed directors from C&U segment will share their thoughts in 5 min or so from vision, best practices for planetary, human health, EDI, meal plan, culinary strategy, campus life, student experience to innovation. This is an intense but fun session and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

  • Z to A: Creating informed consumer of food
    Zia Ahmed, Senior Director, Dining Services, The Ohio State
  • Virtual Connection
    Adam Millman, Senior Director of Retail, Catering & Auxiliaries
  • Maximizing voluntary meal plan participation
    Garett DiStefano, Director of Dining, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Recipe for Success—Culinary Team Building
    Kirk Rodriguez, Director of Hospitality Services, at Texas Tech University
  • Strategic Campus Partnerships: Tide to Student Health & Wellness
    Kristina Patridge, President-Elect of NACUFS / Director of University Dining Services, University of Alabama
  • Shortening the distance between shoppers and satisfaction, Frictionless concept on Campus
    Andre Mallie, Assistant Vice President, Auxiliary Services, University of San Diego
  • From Toque to Tie”- building a career in the world of hospitality
    Steve Mangan, Director of Michigan Dining, University of Michigan
  • Rebuilding the Workforce in the Next Normal
    Dustin Cutler, Executive Director of Dining at Cornell University
  • Maximizing Student Support through Food & Ancillary Services
    Marisa Albanese, Senior Director, Student Housing and Hospitality Services at McGill University
  • Prove, Improve. Leveraging business intelligence for continuous improvement and continuous performance. How to overcome big data to make great strategic and daily business decisions
    Cheryl Fabrizi, Assistant vice president for Housing and Food Services at Penn State
  • Post COVID “Welcome Back” Dining Strategy
    Van Sullivan, Executive Director for the Faculty Student Association at Stony Brook University
  • Student Experience Going Forward
    David May, Associate Vice President of Business Affair, University of New Hampshire
  • Student Well-being and Success through Food and Services
    Ted Faulkner, Assistant Vice President for Dining, Housing and Student Centers, Virginia Tech

  • Moderator: Marie Molde, Client Solutions, Datassential

2:30 pm Food is more than Medicine for Human and Planetary Health

Dr. Frank Hu, Professor and Chair, Department of Nutrition, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

3:00 pm Panel of Six College Students from Around the Nation and Canada

For Fall 2021, many schools are expecting to return to a new normal. From in-person classes, more students living on campus, and faculty and staff are going to be back on campus following vaccination requirements. As for dining services, students are accustomed to the grab-n-go option, mobile ordering and restricted dine-in experiences, while following safety protocols. Many off-campus students have not dined with us for a while and how can we win them back? Will the all-you-can-eat program continue to be the most popular choice of our students? Let’s hear what some of the students are expecting from us as they return to campus this fall.
Moderator: Marie Molde, Client Solutions, Datassential

4:00 pm Conversation with Alice Waters

Alice Waters Today
In an ever-changing and ever-challenging world, one thing remains constant…. Good food is a right and a must for every being. Between edible education and a willingness and perseverance to drive the point home, Alice continues to pursue her dream and bring that right to not only children but to every human being.

Hosted by: Joanne Weir, Chef, Television Personality, Cookbook Author

4:15 pm Culinary Workshops

21 Meals a Week
Good food for every human being is not only basic, it’s a human right! The world has changed this past year. We’ve come to realize what’s important and what is vital for ourselves and our universe. We eat a meal and nourish our souls and stomachs 21 times a week. With that in mind, let’s make it count, let’s make it simple, let’s keep it fresh, keep it seasonal, buy local, support our farmer, and make each one of these 21 meals count. We are all in this together. We can make a difference

Joanne Weir, Chef, Television Personality, Cookbook Author

Curry voilà or Curry Wala
As voilà and Wala, two words with the almost same pronunciation but entirely different meanings, Curry can have so many meanings depending upon the region of India.
This workshop will take you on a Curry Cruise from the streets of Punjab to the palaces of Mysore, from the saffron of Kashmir to the black pepper of Kerala.
Devinder Kumar, Chef/Owner, Induur