Detailed Program Schedule

Sunday, June 3

12:00 PM Registration & Refreshments

Campus Center Auditorium

2:00 PM Welcome and Opening Remarks

Campus Center Auditorium

Ken Toong (Executive Director, Auxiliary Enterprises, UMass Amherst)
Garett DiStefano (Director, Residential Dining Services, UMass Amherst)

2:15 PM Opening General Session I

Campus Center Auditorium

The Narrative of Seafood as a Menu Frontier
How wild and farmed seafood offer opportunity to move menus into the future.

Speaker: Barton Seaver (Director, Healthy and Sustainable Food Program, Center for Health and the Global Environment, Harvard School of Public Health, Freeport, ME)

2:45 PM General Session II

Campus Center Auditorium

Through the Looking Glass – The Evolution of Plant-Forward
The definition of ‘healthy’ food is constantly evolving, from low calorie, low fat and low carb, to “feel good” and functional foods, and now plant-forward™ eating. Marie Molde of Datassential and Arlin Wasserman of Changing Tastes will share how the new focus on plant-based foods will impact your diners, your business, our health and our planet. We’ll explore where the current Plant-Forward™ trend began, what today’s diners think, and how it can serve as a platform for culinary innovation. The advice and insights presented in this session will enable you to best position healthy and plant-forward™ concepts for success in your operation. We’ll explore menu language, visual and value perceptions of an array of dishes, and food attributes that consumers and operators value most, along with ways to better manage food costs and sourcing efforts. This session also will help you understand attitudinal differences between operators and diners when it comes to menu options that support plant-forward™ dining, and preview what’s poised to boom in the years ahead.

Arlin Wasserman (Founder and Principal of Changing Tastes, Lenox, MA)

Marie Molde, RD (Client Solutions, Datassential, Chicago, IL)

3:25 PM Refreshment and Networking Break

Campus Center Auditorium

3:40 PM Culinary Demonstrations I

Campus Center Auditorium

Is Plant Matter the Maximum Flavor?
A 16 oz. steak, accompanied by a medley of roasted vegetables, and a zesty, bright herb sauce to garnish. Within the most beautifully cooked piece of meat lies a singular texture, a product that is inherently the center of the plate in the day to day meals that are predominantly enjoyed in this country. And while the perceived energy or focus might lie within the steak in the center, it is the vegetables on the side and the sauce on top that provide the excitement of texture and “life” more vividly than any protein ever could. As we pursue different flavors and textures in food it is the plants that continue to be our inspiration and drive our recipes. With the traditions of Italy and flavors from Asia to South America, please join us as we pose the question of flavor and where it truly lies.

Chef: Jeffery Maxfield (Executive Chef, BRAVA by Brad Kilgore, Miami, FL)

4:00 PM Industry Presentations

Campus Center Auditorium

World Centric

4:20 PM General Session III

Campus Center Auditorium

E-Commerce the Next Frontier
Hear how to adapt your business model to meet the next customer needs in e-commerce.

Speaker: Gonzalo Campos (Fish Marketing Manager Europe, Sealed Air Food Care, Barcelona, Spain)

4:35 PM General Session IV

Campus Center Auditorium

Diet Quality and Student Success: The UMass Healthy Campus Study
Dr. Troy will present on diet quality in young adults; on health outcomes and student success from the UMass Healthy Campus Study. She will discuss the benefits of faculty – Dining Services collaborations on examining the campus food environment to improve healthy choices across campus.

Speaker: Lisa Troy, PhD (Assistant Professor of Nutrition at University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA)

5:05 PM General Session V

Campus Center Auditorium

Black Cat Farm ~ Table ~ Bistro
Creating the nation’s largest Full-Scale, Farm-to-Table Operation

Speaker: Eric and Jill Skokan (Black Cat Organic Farm, Longmont, CO)

5:35 PM Networking Break

6:00 PM Iron Chef Competition Round I (with Chef Jet Tila and 8 contestants)

Opening Reception
Campus Center 11th Floor

The Iron Chef America format is back at this year’s Chef Culinary Competition. Four teams of two chefs will compete for the honor of being the Chef Conference Iron Chef Champion. There will be a 10-minute skills competition to begin where the secret ingredient will be revealed. Each team must break down the secret ingredient in the 10 minutes provided. Each team will be judged on how well they prepare the item and will be assessed points. In the second part of the round (30 minutes), each team will use what they break down to complete their dishes. Four plates will be prepared-3 for the judges and 1 for display. The judges will critique the dishes based on presentation, taste and originality. Points from the skills and cooking portion will be combined for the total round score. While watching the competition, you can taste the dishes that guest chefs demonstrated and prepared earlier in the afternoon.

Presentation by PFG and Mushroom Council

7:30 PM UMass Pub

Campus Center 2ndFloor
Enjoy, relax, and network until

10:00 PM Light reception. Beverages provided.